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Sunmax - 10 Causes of Sun Damage

In Brazil the dermatologist has more influence than doctors when women want to get advice on caring for their skin. And brands are not permitted to advertise ATL.  Our challenge was to create a digital led campaign to reach women in a market where they love the sun — the cause of 90% of skin ageing.

Our solution was a campaign with a hero film at its core. It's job was to showcase the causes on the most relevant canvas, a woman's face. And for our face we worked with a local mega influencer Gabriela Pugliesi.

The way the skin reacts to UV is very complex, and GSK has to observe strict regulations, so how we depicted the damage was a key part of the process. Considering most the activity happens under the surface, we had to translate the damage into a more everyday visual language.

Our director and chief of production design agreed it was one of the most technical shoots they'd done, as we were adamant to project the animations directly onto the skin, versus a lazy post production overlay (as you can see in the tests above.) So our approach was thorough, including a cast of Gabriela's head to use before the shoot use time on set more efficiently.


Agency: Wunderman UK
Role: Creative Director
Creatives: Billy Bernhart, Milan Desai
Production Design: Olavo Jaguaribe Ekman (Bijari)
Film Production: Gian Carlo Billotti (Sentimentale Filme)
Project manager/ Producer: Kev Boulton

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