Mitsubishi Motors

In 2019 Mitsubishi Motors launched a new brand website across the globe. Its aim was to create a single unified brand experience with enough flexibility for markets to deliver a locally relevant story. Critical Mass was responsible for a full front to backend solution with strategy, design and technology stack to provide the taylored content management platform dubbed MiPulse. I joined the team in the design concepting phase to consult on the vehicle page experiences. As the project moved to the launch, I oversaw all updates, and market on-boarding and rollout. As a member of the leadership, I was responsible for collaborating with the client partner and strategy director on the reporting process back to the client on the site metrics, impact as well as exploring new features and functionality for the site.


The Baymard Group performed a user study across the leading global car brands with MiPulse nudging the competition to first place. The site has already been rolled out across 15 markets with great conversion results across test drives, configuration and brochure downloads.


Experience Design // Concepting / Creative Direction / Design / Development / Maintenance

https://www.mitsubishi-motors.co.uk/ - https://www.mitsubishi-motors.co.th/en - https://www.mitsubishi-motors.nl/

Agency: Critical Mass UK
Role: Creative Director

Team: Ferdi Wieling - ECD
Design: Darius Serksnas – Art Director
Alex Wellard - UX Director
+ Freelance designers
Copy: Andrew Singleton - Snr. Copywriter
Strategy: Patti Balbas - Dir. of Strategy

Operations: Michelle Wieling – Project Director
Tim Slater – Project Manager